ReadyPrint: Rollover Pages

What are rollover pages?

When using a ReadyPrint subscription, you will have a monthly print allowance. Any pages left at the end of your monthly cycle will be carried over to the following month. Please note that roll over pages are only carried over for 2 consecutive months.

An example of how this works is shown below and is based upon a 50 page per month allowance.

Month 1 – 35 pages of the 50-page allowance used. 15 pages are left and roll over into month 2
Month 2 – A new allowance of 50 pages, plus the 15 rollover pages gives an allowance of 65. If the usage is 35 pages, a roll over of 30 pages will occur (65 allowance – 35 pages use = 30 pages rolled over)

What would cause me to lose my rollover pages?

The following would cause the loss of roll over pages:

  • More than two months has passed since the pages rolled over.
  • You change your subscription plan, upgraded or downgraded. This will take effect immediately upon changing your plan.