Why are the colour inks used when I am printing in black?

Each Epson inkjet printer is designed to produce high quality prints in both black and colour. This is achieved by a combination of the print head unit and the ink cartridges used with it.

When printing standard black text, the printer will normally print using black ink. However, even if you generally print just black text, ink from the colour ink cartridges will be consumed with general use of the printer.

When the printer is first switched on, or used after a period of inactivity, the print head performs a self-check process, which gets the ink ready to be used and helps to keep the ink system lubricated.

This process will use some ink from the cartridges. Also, running head cleans uses ink of all colours to clean the nozzles, the amount used depending on the number of cleans performed.


I am selecting 'Black Ink Only' or 'Grayscale' in the printer driver but the colour inks are still being used. Why is this?


The colour ink levels in Status Monitor appear to be dropping faster than the Black level


I am not using the 'Black Ink Only' or 'Grayscale' setting and want to select this when printing colour documents. Where can I set this?