Can I print on card or heavyweight matte paper?

  • I want to print onto card
  • I want to print my own greetings cards
  • I have experienced problems when printing to card

Epson printers support plain paper and a wide range of genuine Epson paper and special media. Before choosing a paper to print on, you should determine what weight the printer can support and the supported paper types. The user's guide supplied with your Epson product lists the Epson paper types suitable for use with your printer model (see the 'Product Information' or 'Paper Handling' sections). The user's guide is also available in your product's Online Support and Manuals section on the Epson Support website.

Paper weight specifications (cut-sheet)

The paper handling specifications for the Auto Sheet Feeder (cut-sheet media) are below. These apply to most A4 Epson Stylus inkjet printers, but please refer to your user's guide for more information.

From 64 to 90 g/m2, plain paper (including third party papers).

Over 90 g/m2, genuine Epson media - supported paper types.

  • The maximum weight is 300 g/m2 using genuine Epson media only.
  • Some products support a maximum of up to 255 g/m2 using genuine Epson media only (e.g. R800).
  • The use of third party (non-Epson) paper/media is neither recommended or supported by Epson.
    Notes Icon Note:

    Some A3+ small format photo printers support a range of Epson fine art media via the front or rear paper feed paths - the paper weight may exceed the figures above - see your user's guide for more information.

Use of third party (non-Epson) media

Third party paper and media can cause paper feed issues, either due to the paper being too physically heavy for the paper feed mechanism, or due to the coatings that some manufacturers use on their papers.

If you have experienced paper feed problems when attempting to print on third party (non-Epson) media over 90g/m2, we recommend changing to the Epson equivalent media.

  • Test the printer using plain bond paper and supported genuine Epson paper.
  • If the printer is able to operate normally, then the fault does not lie with the printer as it is performing within specification.
  • See this article if you are experiencing paper feed problems when using plain bond paper and supported genuine Epson media.
Notes Icon Note:

Epson do not endorse or guarantee any ink or media manufactured by any third party company. Epson do not support the use of third party media, in our experience it is often the main cause of paper feed and print quality problems.

Epson recommends that you do not use any third party printing papers if you want to get the best results from your Epson printer.

The benefits of using genuine Epson ink and media include:

  • Stable colour consistency - The same colours printed from every replacement genuine Epson ink cartridge - Guaranteed.
  • Lightfastness - Independently tested lightfastness results with genuine Epson ink and media - Guaranteed.
  • Print Quality - Superior image reproduction using Epson technology - Guaranteed.

Recommended Epson matte papers and card

Epson produce the following special media that is suitable for use with your product and is a great alternative to using third party card.


Photo Quality Inkjet Card

"Pure white matte coated ink jet card, ideal for printing certificates and notices".

Available in two formats:

Paper Size: A4
Paper Weight: 102g/m2
Part Number: C13S041061
Quantity per pack: 1000 sheets

Paper Size: A3
Paper Weight: 102g/m2
Part Number: C13S041068
Quantity per pack: 100 sheets

Paper Size: A3+
Paper Weight: 102g/m2
Part Number: C13S041069
Quantity per pack: 100 sheets

Paper Size: A2
Paper Weight: 102g/m2
Part Number: C13S041079
Quantity per pack: 30 sheets


Matte Paper - Heavyweight

"Epson Heavyweight Matte Paper is the best media for producing photographic quality output for user requiring a cost-effective matte paper. Applications include promotional pieces, layouts, courtroom graphics, proofs, indoor displays and posters.This paper is also an economic alternative when the highest colour photographic images are not needed. It is easy to laminate, offering further protection from light and moisture.Like all Epson innovative media, this paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and colour saturation possible. Epson's printer driver software actually optimises the amount of ink released onto the page, based on the type of paper used. As always, Epson supplies guarantee Epson quality."

Paper Size: A4
Paper Weight: 167g/m2
Part Number: C13S041256
Quantity per pack: 50 sheets

Notes Icon Note:

Larger formats are available for A3+ and Epson Large Format Printers.


Double-Sided Matte Paper

"The bright white matte finish on this heavyweight base media gives a more even distribution of colours, making this product ideal for a wide variety of applications for both the novice and professional users alike. Now photographers and Graphic Designers will be able to produce high quality photographs and images with a matte photo-like finish utilising both sides of the media".

Paper Size: A4
Paper weight: 178g/m2
Part Number: C13S041569
Quantity per pack: 50 sheets