Printing and scanning seems slow when using a wireless connection (router or access point)

Check the following:

  • Try moving the computer and printer closer to your wireless router or access point.
  • Don't place the computer, printer, or wireless access point near microwaves, cordless telephones, large metal objects like such as filing cabinets, or other sources of wireless interference.
  • If your wireless router or access point and the printer are located next to each other, you can try connecting them together with an Ethernet cable.
    • This is an alternative option and will help determine where the problem lies.
    • If printing or scanning still seems slow, the problem may be related to the computer's resources, the network, a conflict with Epson software, or settings in the printer and scanner drivers.

      If the document to be printed/scanned is large and resolution settings are high, then there could be a speed difference between a direct USB connection and a Wireless connection - wireless may be slower.

      There are a number of factors to consider such as size of document, wireless signal strength, other network activity, and wireless security settings also have a small effect.