Unable to print (Wi-Fi) there is no IP address assigned (its or it starts with 169.254.xxx.xxx

If no IP address (e.g. or an invalid IP address (e.g. beginning 169.xxx) is assigned to your Epson device, this problem indicates that the router (wireless network) did not communicate with the All-In-One when you installed the software.

Try the following:

  1. Reset the All-In-One's Network Settings. Refer to the product user guide for instructions on how to restore default settings.
  2. Reset your router. You may be able to do this by turning it off and back on again, or you may need to follow a different procedure to reset it. See the documentation for your router or access point for instructions.
  3. If the IP address is, check if the automatic DHCP function on your router turned off - check the router/access point documentation for help on how to check this. With DHCP enabled, a router will automatically assign an IP address to devices detected within its range. If DHCP is turned off, an IP address will not be automatically assigned - instead you must manually assign an IP address to the printer during setup.

    You can do this during the software installation or the All-In-One's LCD panel.

    • Check the IP address for the broadband router (or access point) connected to your computer. See the broadband router's (or access point's) User's Guide. All IP addresses are written in segments of four numerical values. In the final segment, set a unique numerical value for your printer within a range of 1 to 254. (When the router is a DHCP server or when there is another DHCP server in the LAN, set a value that does not conflict with the ID address range allocated by the DHCP server.)
    • Setting example:

      IP address for the broadband router:
      Example setting on the printer:

    • For the subnet mask, is normally set for small-scale networks and all devices in the LAN use this value. Also, when a gateway value is set, use the same value as the IP address for the wireless router.

    LCD panel method: Using the buttons on the printer/LCD panel, go to Setup > Network Settings > General or General Network Setup. In TCP/IP Setup, select Manual and assign a valid IP address and subnet mask.

  4. If this fails when using the All-In-One via Wi-Fi, it's possible that Wireless LAN on the All-In-One has been disabled or incorrect settings have been made. We recommend that you reset the Network Settings and then follow the wireless setup again.
  5. All models: Reset the All-In-One's Network Settings, then reinstall the software.
    • See the product user guide for help with resetting the Network Settings.
    • Once you have restored the All-In-One to its default settings, perform the setup again using either the bundled Epson SetupNavi or via the printer control panel itself. See the following Related Article for help. Alternatively, refer to your Network User's Guide or Start Here sheet for assistance.