ReadyPrint: Requirements

This article relates to the criteria which must be met to use the ReadyPrint service. This is applicable to both ReadyPrint Flex and ReadyPrint EcoTank (in countries where applicable).

For the ReadyPrint service to work correctly the following requirements must be met:

  • The printer firmware must be up-to-date, click here for instructions on how to perform this.
  • The printer must be connected to the internet and error free.
  • The printer must have + variants of the ink carts inserted, for example a 603 cart will be 603+ for ReadyPrint Flex plan. Please note ReadyPrint specific carts will only work if you have an active subscription.
  • For a ReadyPrint EcoTank plan, you must have the U variant of the product. Meaning the product name will have a 'U' at the end of the name.
  • Your serial number must be correct in the ReadyPrint user portal.

Failure of any of the above will result in the service not working and will require you to take the necessary steps to correct. Your local Epson country support can help with troubleshooting this.