Communication is lost with the printer when the wireless router/access point is restarted?

When you reset or restart your wireless router/access point the printer may lose communication with the PC. However, you can prevent this from happening by reconfiguring the software.

When you install a Wi-Fi/Network product on a Windows PC manually, only the printer and scanner drivers are installed. As a result important software which allows the correct configuration of the network settings is absent. This means that an IP address may be allocated to the printer which becomes redundant when the router is restarted, causing the PC and printer to no longer communicate.

When the product is installed using the Epson Printer Setup software package, additional Epson software is installed that identifies the printer by the Printer Name not by the IP address so if the IP address changes the printer still communicates with the PC.

There are two methods to resolve this issue:

Solution 1:

Download and install the Printer Setup from the Epson Support website.

Solution 2:

Download and Install the SetupNavi, this software will work like the product’s installation CD and guide you through the installation process. the SetupNavi can be dowloaded from