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WorkForce DS-730N
Connect your business with this affordable and highly efficient standalone network scanner. It's the intelligent choice for business document management, offering the option to scan to separate locations – departments or individual accounts – at the touch of a button, allowing you to capture, convert and distribute scanned information within your organisation.
Sharing made easy
With limited office space, reducing the number of dedicated devices is crucial. With an easy to use control panel with built in 1.44’’ colour LCD display, you can choose the correct job and send documents to the correct destination without delay, making digital files available across departments and other agencies. Scan to email, folder, FTP, SFTP, cloud services or Microsoft applications at the touch of a button¹.
High performance
Thanks to a high capacity 100 sheet ADF, user intervention is reduced, allowing you to capture high volumes of documents in one go. With double-sided scan speeds of up to 40ppm/80ipm, bulk jobs can be captured quickly and easily as a single file.
Intelligent features
Take control with a range of intelligent features, including ultra-sonic sensors and a paper protection function. Slow mode allows difficult media to be captured by reducing roller speed, without increasing file sizes. Double feed detection skip means difficult documents like envelopes and post-it notes can be processed rapidly.
Protecting important documents
Paper protection, double feed and dirt detection warning allows documents to be captured carefully and precisely, from 27gsm to 413gsm. The Active Separation Roller System and on-board sensors help prevent document double-feeds and ensures every piece of paper is scanned accurately.
Quick send buttons
Thanks to WebConfig, you can create job presets and assign them to one of three quick send buttons, without the need for a PC or server. Multiple email addresses can be assigned to a single job. Scan once and send to several different contacts. Up to 300 separate contacts can be saved.
Document Capture Pro suite
Take advantage of Epson software. The Epson Document Capture suite of software gives you access to a range of easy-to-use scanning solutions for capturing, separating and routing documents around a business and beyond.

Viktiga funktioner

  • Standalone network scanning: Release the potential of a connected workplace
  • File sharing: One touch scan to different destinations
  • Reliable paper handling: Take control with ultra-sonic sensors and paper protection
  • Speed with control: Use slow mode or scan documents with speeds of up to 40 ppm (80ipm)
  • Built-in display: Easy to use 1.44 inch colour LCD


Produktfunktioner och specifikationer kan ändras utan förvarning.

SKU: B11B259401
  • Teknik

    Arkmatad skanner
    Optisk upplösning (ADF)
    600 DPI x 600 DPI (horisontell x vertikal)
    600 DPI x 600 DPI (horisontell x vertikal)
    ADF Minimum Document Size
    50,8 mm x 50,8 mm (horisontell x vertikal)
    ADF Maximum Document Size
    215,9 mm x 6.096 mm (horisontell x vertikal)
    A4 (21.0x29,7 cm), A5 (14,8x21,0 cm), A6 (10,5x14,8 cm), B4 (25,7x36,4 cm), B5 (17,6x25,7 cm), B6 (12,5x17,6 cm), Letter, Rättsligt, Vykort, Visitkort, Plastkort, DL (kuvert)
    Ingång: 30 Bitar Färg / 10 Bitar Monokrom , Utgång: 24 Bitar Färg / 8 Bitar Monokrom
    Ultrasonic Sensor
    Network, Allmänt kontor
  • Skanner

    Optical Sensor
    CIS (kontaktbildssensor)
    Output Resolution
    75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 600, 1200 DPI
  • Scan speed

    Monokrom: 40 Sidor/min - Färg: 40 Sidor/min measured with Size: A4 , Resolution: 200 / 300 dpi, Monokrom: 80 Bilder/min - Färg: 80 Bilder/min measured with Size: A4 , Resolution: 200 / 300 dpi
  • Pappersspecifikationer och sensorer

    Automatisk matning: 27  -  413 g/m²
    Automatic Document Feeder Type
    Single pass dual scanning
    Reliability Daily Duty Cycle
    4.500 Sidor
    Automatisk dokumentindrag
    100 Sidor
    Dubbelsidig skanning
  • Scanning Features

    RGB-färgförlust, Avancerat färgbortfall/-förbättring, Hoppa över tomma sidor, A3-ihopsättning, Avlägsna hål, Utökad bildredigering, Fördefinierade inställningar, Automatisk snedkorrigering, Automatisk identifiering av flera dokument, dubbel bildutgåva (endast Windows), automatisk bildvridning, Textförbättring, Kantförbättring, Barcode Recognition, Manual / Automatic Job Separation, Scan to Cloud Storage
    BMP, JPEG, TIFF, Skanna till multi-TIFF, PDF, Skanna till genomsökningsbar PDF, PDF/A, PNG, docx, xlsx, pptx
    File compression features
    TIFF Compression (JPEG(7) , CITT G4, LZW), PDF Compression, JPEG-komprimering
    Avancerad dokumentintegration
    Skanna till e-post, Skanna till FTP, Skanna till webbmapp, Scanna till närverksmappen
    4.500 Sidor per dag
  • Connectivity

    USB 2.0 Typ B, Ethernet-gränssnitt (1000 Base-T/ 100-Base TX/ 10-Base-T)
    Network Interface Panel / Unit
    Ethernet settings
    10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T / Full-duplex / Half-duplex
    IPv6 support
    Push scan features
    Ja (with Document Capture Pro solutions)
    Panel Lock with password
    Ja (with Document Capture Pro solutions)
  • Allmänt

    Supply Voltage
    AC 100 V - 240 V, 50 Hz - 60 Hz
    14 Watt (Operation), 5,9 Watt Redo, 1,5 Watt (sleep mode), 0,1 Watt (stänga av)
    296‎ x 169 x 167 mm (Bredd x Djup x Höjd)
    3,6 kg
    TWAIN, ISIS (Web download), Epson Scan2 (TWAIN), SANE (Linux), WIA (Windows), ICA (Mac)
    Medföljande programvara
    Epson Device Admin, Epson Document Capture (endast Mac), Epson Document Capture Pro (Windows only), Epson Document Capture Pro Server (on free download), Epson Event Manager, Epson Scan 2, Webbläsargränssnitt
    Kompatibla operativsystem
    Mac OS 10.6+, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (32/64bit), Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3
    Drift 15% - 80%, Förvaring -25% - 60%
    Drift 5° C - 35° C, Förvaring 25° C - 60° C
    Nätadapter, Drivrutins- och hjälpprogram (CD), Huvudenhet, Strömkabel, Uppställningsanvisning, USB-kabel, Warranty card
    Roller Assembly Kit
  • Annan

    12 Månader På platsen-service
  • LCD och minneskort

    Typ: Färg, Diagonalt: 3,7 cm 


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1 ¹Some features require the use of Epson software packages.