New Epson paper combines tradition and technology for the world of fine art

Inspiration from Japan ignites creativity

New Epson paper combines tradition and technology for the world of fine art

9 December 2013 – Global print, imaging and innovation leader, Epson, announces its first Japanese-inspired media, Japanese Kozo Paper Thin. At 34gsm, this translucent, natural fibre, mulberry-based inkjet media is also strong and durable. The combination of the coating and the ink allows you to achieve high colour density. This makes it ideally suited to high-end photography, fine art display and interior design. Its introduction opens up new possibilities for displaying artworks, offering artists and photographers a new tool to produce unique artwork.

Kozo is a type of mulberry used in Asia and Japan for traditional papers. Despite its light weight and fine texture, this new category of premium paper from Epsonis very strong because of the Kozo fibres, enabling the creation of humidity resistant, durable and long lasting fine art. While it is translucent, it provides artists with deep colour saturation, ensuring their work looks high-quality.

Fabien Nicol, product manager, Epson Europe, says: “The introduction of Epson’s Kozo paper comes at a time when designers and artists are increasingly looking to use fresh and alternative media in conjunction with technology to create original and stunning pieces of fine art. Our Kozo paper fulfils this requirement by being printer-friendly while combining the appeal of light weight, strength, translucence and deep colour saturation.”

Designed for easy printing, Japanese Kozo Paper Thin allows a diverse range of outputs to be produced, from Japanese screens, to room dividers or even paper windows.  Available in a range of applications, such as Kakemono, a Japanese scroll paper ideal for calligraphy, that is mounted on the wall. Kozo paper is also suitable for drum-tight finishing on wooden frames. This flexibility allows artists to unleash their creativity using a medium inspired by Japanese tradition.

This new paper is a result of a collaberation between Epsonand Gary Wornell, an internationally known and respected photographer and artist. Gary has created fine art for more than ten years using Epson printers. Combining his skills, artistic sensitivity andEpson’s commercial and manufacturing knowledge and experience, has resulted in a pioneering product inspired by Japanese tradition and today’s technology.

The Japanese Kozo Paper Thin is part of our celebrity-endorsed SignatureWorthy range of media.

Key features:

Lightweight at 34gsm


Designed to perform with UltraChrome HDR and UltraChrome K3 with vivid magenta inks

Natural fibre mulberry-based inkjet media

Peelable backing to increase strength during printing process 

Compatible with SP4900, SP-7900, SP9900, SP7890, SP9890, SP11880 models

Comes in 17-inch x 10m, 24-inch x 10m from November 2013 and 44-inch x 10m rolls in 2014

Achieves deep colour saturation

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